Discover the leading ecosystem for successful virtualization.

      The demand for “always-on, everywhere” connectivity offers you an opportunity to revolutionize your entire IT ecosystem. Now you can intelligently leap forward and move beyond server virtualization by creating a ‘multiplier effect’ among your servers, storage, network, clients, mobile, virtual desktops, BYOD and management with the most comprehensive virtualization portfolio in the industry

      Reducing cost and complexity are critical. You need a simple, repeatable, validated client virtualization architecture that is proven to scale and operate cost-efficiently. No one can get you there faster than the team of HP and Bedrock Technology.

      Discover the proprietary five-stage program, that can help you deploy an advanced client virtualization solution that securely and cost-effectively supports your entire IT ecosystem; from virtual desktops to your mobile workforce and BYOD-delivered as a complete reference architecture based on HP servers, storage, networking, and services.

      Count on Bedrock to deliver the most innovative and cost effective customized solutions for your enterprise or mid-sized business.


      Today’s disruptive world has changed the way workers collaborate. Employees, vendors, suppliers, consultants all demand support for next-generation applications that enable them to work from any location, at any time, using any device.

      Simultaneously, enterprises and organizations of all sizes and in all industries are looking for new ways to boost worker productivity and flexibility, while also streamlining management and reducing costs.

      Revolutionize your entire IT ecosystem with the most comprehensive virtualization portfolio on planet earth.


      Virtualization beyond the hardware is critical. Hence your virtualization strategy needs to look beyond the infrastructure. Transform your IT ecosystem by turning virtualization into a strategic business advantage that evaluates your people, processes, and policies. Tap into world’s most advanced virtualization services, including.

      • Client Virtualization Access Service: Provides multiple network access, flexible role-based access, a user-friendly interface, and a secure printing network all from a single access device. HP features a unique user-focused interface to internal, secure, partner, or cloud network resources from endpoint devices ranging from desktops to tablets.
      • Strategy Services: Everything begins with an in-depth strategy that defines your virtualization objectives and goals.
      • Design and Implementation: It begins with detailed assessment of your infrastructure, applications and usage. A customized design solution is based on your requirements. HP’s Reference Architectures will guide which technologies are best suited for you. Implementations may include a proof of concept or pilot phase, and then rollout of the solution according to the project phases.
      • Education services: Get all the training you need on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft products.
      • Support:  Count on support that makes it easy for you to get answers. There’s only one number to call for complete hardware and software support of your Microsoft, VMware or Citrix client virtualization environment.
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