Committed to Community Collaboration

Being an industry leader comes with big community responsibilities. Standing right at the top is Bedrock’s commitment to setting standards for “Giving Back” to the community.

At Bedrock, our commitment to collaboration goes beyond the workplace. We believe in reliable community leadership that helps create a culture of more caring, more innovative problem-solvers.

In keeping with our “collaboration is everything” mantra we team with local non-profit organizations, showing how true collaboration can change a community, and improve the lives of many.

We invest by volunteering our personal time, providing sincere financial assistance and continuously donating IT equipment and support whenever and wherever it is needed the most.

The following organizations are proudly part of the Bedrock family.

    Making visions come true requires dedicated collaborators nimble enough to grasp a dream, and rock solid enough to make it work.

    Dean Cappellazzo, CEO