Strategy Design: Collaboration Driven.

Experience. Experience. Experience. Clients say it’s our true differentiator. Driven by our customized “collaboration for innovation” systems, Bedrock has developed hundreds of case studies that enable a Bedrock team to develop more rigorous capacity planning metrics and systems so our clients are always one step ahead and much more in control of their destiny.

Architecture Planning Solutions: Driven by Collaboration.

Bedrock offers a whole suite of, strategic, solution’s driven IT infrastructure architecture services that will take your technology environment to the next level via the art and science of collaboration. Work with a “chemistry driven” team of specialists who will enable you to plan, build and scale a solution that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Collaboration Driven Design Services. The Perfect Match

Collaborate with a team of senior SME specialists strategically selected to match your team’s chemistry, objectives, requirements and strategic goals. Bedrock will help you align with the very best technologies using a vendor neutral approach.

Capacity Planning: One Step Ahead.

Understanding infrastructure, utilization and requirements for growth requires considerable skill. Experience, collaboration tactics and innovation are the key drivers required to understand how business growth affects the demands on your technology infrastructure. Bedrock provides one time, as well as ongoing capacity planning services, to make sure that you are one step ahead of the curve, when it comes to meeting infrastructure growth.

Budgetary Analysis Systems. A Big Challenge. A Smart Solution.

One of Bedrocks greatest strengths is tied directly to one of the most challenging and most stressful tasks for every executive management team.

Managing costs is considered by many executive management teams to be the single most challenging aspect of technology today—even greater than the selection of technology itself.Proudly, it is one of Bedrocks greatest strengths. History does repeat itself and experience is the name of the game of our success. The Bedrock team has reams of historical data that explain, in detail, the multiple variables associated with acquiring, maintaining and managing an entire environment.

Proof of Concept Systems: Simplified

Bedrock has developed a proprietary Proof of Concept model that simplifies, questions, analyzes and justifies every detail, every layer and every vendor of a new architecture direction that is being tested. Bedrock is optimally positioned to deliver Proof of Concept testing either in the customer datacenter or in Bedrock’s interoperability labs. Using our customized collaboration for innovation management system, Bedrock’s project management team will team with your executive team and perform the careful coordination essential to bring all the elements together.

Building out a Proof of Concept helps justify that the architecture direction being considered is, in fact, the right decision. An intelligent Proof of Concept is often a multi-layer, multi vendor project. Bedrock’s Project Management Team will perform the careful coordination essential to bring all the elements together.

Our job is to help get your company to where you want to be. We do that by matching your energy, sense of purpose, and by bringing to the table an unmatched level of experience, innovation, collaboration, and insight.