IT Assessments: That which gets measured gets fixed

Nowhere is this maxim truer than in today’s complex technology infrastructures. Having accurate, current and timely metrics and management of the environment benefits an organization by leading to less incidents and greater optimization.

Health Check

Let Bedrock check on the health of your environment. Bedrock can work with existing tools as well as introduce new ones that will identify recurring trouble-spots, failure points, as well as work with your team to put resolutions in place to ensure they don’t reoccur.

Analysis and Optimization

Particularly as it pertains to Network, Storage, Server, Virtualization, online Security, Backup & Recovery, and even the physical Data Center environment (Power, HVAC, potential water damage from Fire Control systems, physical access Security), Bedrock provides analysis and optimization services geared towards maximizing the operating efficiency of your environment.

Often times, just getting a little bit more out of your current deployment could lead to substantial monetary savings. Using proprietary methodology, born from extensive enterprise experience, Bedrock will analyze your key applications, establish baseline metrics and then implement changes that provide measurable improvement.


Bedrock offers a wide-range of products that provide both monitoring and management to Network, Storage, Server and Virtualization, online Security, Backup & Recovery, and physical Data Center environment elements within your technology infrastructure. More important, Bedrock’s experienced staff can sift through the information deluge and advise you on which details are the most essential to focus on first.

Our job is to help get your company to where you want to be. We do that by matching your energy, sense of purpose, and by bringing to the table an unmatched level of experience, innovation, collaboration, and insight.