Collaboration Live Project Management:<br/>On-site. On top of it all.

In today’s disruptive “change on a dime, at any time” world, project management has become both more important, more advanced and considerably more complex.

Bedrock’s Collaboration Live Project Management Solution. Bedrock has established a first-of- its-kind, onsite project management system that becomes “a true extension of your team and its daily activities”


There’s project management and then there’s Collaboration Live Project Management Live, only from Bedrock. A true differentiator and a whole new level of onsite collaboration, Collaboration Live was originally “born out of need”— and developed by Bedrock Technology team partnering on a major project with one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world.

In short, closer proximity equals richer, timelier collaboration. Experience a level of daily expertise and comfort that has proven to be an invaluable daily asset on many fronts.  Discover:

  • Leadership driven, proactively trained project managers who deploy collaboration best practices
  • Escalate situations ASAP to appropriate individuals when needed
  • Case studies show that it works like clockwork. In fact, Bedrock clients who have experienced it for the first time wonder how they survived without it. References available upon request.

Benefits: Defined

  • Bedrock trained. Leadership-driven, proactive project management for diverse IT teams.
  • Certified from the Project Management Institute. Adhere to PMI and PMBOK ethics, processes, and standards.
  • Every Bedrock PM is trained to be a successful liaison between the OEMs, distributors and our customers.
  • Ability to run and manage multiple IT teams, budgets and projects at once.
  • Specially trained to take on additional roles and responsibilities
  • Negotiate on your behalf to secure the best resources

Roles & Responsibilities: Proactive, Leadership Driven Project Management

  • Purchasing Process Management
  • Procurement Shipping and Receiving Process Management
  • Dashboard Development & Management.
  • Complex Project and Initiatives Management
  • Equipment Selection Management
  • Solution Deployment, Installation, Testing, Updating.
  • Advisors on Change Control Review Boards
  • Development of Internal Initiative Roadmaps
  • Project Mapping
  • Data Migrations
  • Equipment Decommissioning and Moves.
  • Technology Refreshes
  • New Product BETA Launches
  • Data Center Moves


Collaboration is crucial - all around. We’re known for our unique level of project management and on-site enablement.