HP Vertica: Energizing data analytics with Analytics Everywhere

      Real-time business intelligence

      With the ever-growing volume, variety and velocity of data, you can’t let analytics query performance get in the way of your most important business decisions. With HP Vertica Enterprise Edition software you get high-performance data analytics for all of your data to make better business decisions in real time.

      Packed with powerful features for monetizing all of your data, HP Vertica Enterprise Edition manages massive amounts of data quickly and reliably, giving you real-time business intelligence for advanced, Big Data analytics. As part of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform family of data analytics software, you can perform queries about 50 to 1000 times faster with traditional databases, at a fraction of the cost, using a fraction of the hardware. Unlike traditional RDBMS databases, which are not designed for analytics and today’s complex analytics workloads, the HP Vertica Analytics Platform is built from the ground up to deliver velocity and volume.


      Experience HP Vertica

      Get the facts: Deriving maximum value from your Enterprise Data Warehouse (PDF)

      Case Study: Time to analyze clickstream data reduced from days to minutes (PDF)

      Integrated Solutions: Turn Big Data into big profits (PDF)

      Business white paper: The disruptive power of Big Data (PDF)

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      Maximize your Return on Information. Discover much faster and easier access to all of your information. Gain superior insights, greater returns, and develop a big data technology platform that perfectly aligns with your business goals

      Discover the industry’s broadest portfolio of Big Data benchmark-performance technologies. HP’s Big Data platforms are proven to deliver superior technology, economics and experience, including:

      •  Software that delivers insights 1,000 times faster
      • Fastest Time to Value: Leverage and monetize 100% of relevant information based on its value, regardless of its format
      • Drive better returns from all your information

      Reshape your IT infrastructure to seamlessly merge large volumes of bytes– from emails, social media and website downloads– and convert them into beneficial, easy-to-use intelligence.

      • Big Data Architecture Strategy: Discover the core functionalities and capabilities needed to align your Big Data initiatives and IT. Capture, consolidate, manage and protect business-aligned intelligence, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
      • Big Data System Infrastructure: Developing a flexible, scalable strategic architecture for Big Data is critical. We offer a wider array of services that will help you implement a high performance, integrated platform. Services include: Design and implementation services, reference architecture implementations and integration services.
      • Big Data Protection: Safeguard your data and achieve regulatory compliance and lifecycle protection across your entire Big Data landscape, and maximize your backup and continuity measures.
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