The Converged Cloud is ripe with risks and high-flying rewards. If your enterprise wants to reign over your cloud for years to come, it pays to play it safe and smart and collaborate with a industry cloud pioneer, Bedrock Technology. Bedrock’s track record of executing and enabling highly innovative, customized HP cloud solutions is noted throughout the industry.

      From complex manufacturing systems to secure financial transactions, Bedrock enabled HP Converged Cloud solutions provide the agility, reliability and round the clock support needed to run the most business critical applications and processes

      Count on the most rigorous security and highest reliability levels across all delivery platforms. And every solution is designed for easy scaling and transformation into the future.

      The cloud promises big things—improved innovation, increased agility, and reduced costs. But to realize these important benefits, you need to deploy the right cloud platform from the right vendor. If the time is now for your organization to look to the cloud to deliver more business value, HP CloudSystem can get you there—with greater consistency, choice, and confidence.

      To orchestrate your journey, explore the the range of HP Solutions, delivered by Bedrock, tailored to your business goals:

      Private Cloud Solutions

      Public Cloud Solutions


      Whether you are building from the ground up expanding an existing infrastructure, HP’s open, hybrid delivery models provides the flexibility you need to customize and create an “on demand” optimal mix of private, managed and public clouds. Let market leader, Bedrock Technology help you quickly and confidently plan fast forward and replicate your production experience from pre to post to perfectly align with your “on demand” business needs.

      Now, discover the future with the world’s first OpenStack-based technology platform for hybrid cloud delivery.


      In a world that’s “always on”, beyond demanding and wildly unpredictable, HP services can increase your ability to stay in control and seamlessly transition to the Converged Cloud. Services include planning, design and implementation services that perfectly align and scale with your technology, strategy, people and processes that exist today and will morph in the future.

      Stay ahead of the curve and organizational objectives, so you can be flexible and scalable according to current and future demands. Understand the implications of technology aspects and strategy and just as important, your people and process elements

  • We implement the technology resources who are not only the absolute best, but most importantly, the best for you.