Minor and major Disasters happen. Having a full-scope Disaster Recovery Protection solution totally customized to your business is not just critical it’s the only way sure-fire way to ensure that a disaster won’t devastate your business. No doubt , you want to the very best equipment, services, team and solutions to assess, plan, develop, implement and be there when help is needed ASAP.

      Enter Bedrock Technology, a proven leader in customized Disaster Recovery Solutions for today’s most common and freakish disasters. We’ll help you plan and be well prepared for the worst with the most experienced, most reliable team of DR experts in the industry.

      Bedrock Technology Provides Customized Solutions for Common Disasters such as:

      • Power Grids Failures
      • Server Failure Between Backups
      • A Security Breach Threatens Sensitive Data
      • A Microsoft Exchange Goes Down
      • Oracle Application Performance Has Degraded
      • Long Term Storage Costs Are Eroding Margins
      • Natural Disaster or Emergency in your area

      In a disruptive world, Disaster Recovery Protection must be taken very seriously. Planning and developing a protection plan that perfectly suits your business is anything but easy. In other words, selecting the right DR partner is extremely important to the future health and security of your IT— it will give you peace of mind that is simply invaluable. HP’s DR technology features the most innovative and most reliable solutions in the world. It includes:

      • Disaster Recovery Plan: Proactive planning and implementation is the only way to fully protect your business from the myriad of disasters that can occur at any moment.
      • Data Protection Layer: Secure and protect valuable data from hardware failure, human error and software corruption
      • Application Protection Layer: Protect applications and systems before intrusion or if downtime happens
      • Backup and Archiving Layer: Backup must be transparent, automatic, fast and 100% reliable.
      • DR Communications layer: Whether it’s an IT outage, natural disaster, or an emergency situation, manage your communications to make certain your employees are safe and informed.

      If and when disaster strikes, your data must be instantly accessible—from an off-site location for an unlimited period of time. Since a disaster can occur at any time—even at 2AM or on a weekend—it’s possible that staff availability will be limited. Time is obviously of the essence, as every second of downtime can have major financial implications. Rest assured, the following services can put you in a position of power to weather any storm or any major human or software error, any second of any day of the year.

      • HP Business Continuity and Recovery Services 
”Business as Usual” can remain that way even when it faces a crisis. Complete Office Recovery Centers—either fixed or mobile— can be deployed at any location. Fully equipped desks, PCs, advanced telephony switching technology and data and voice network connectivity and many other customized services can be included.
      • HP Proactive Select Services
Totally customizable, this exclusive menu-based service addresses technology and process requirements. You’ll be assigned a personal account support manager or team who will work directly with your IT team to understand its environment and collaborate with you to create an action plan that meets all objectives and goals.
      • HP Systems Insight Manager Targeted primarily for heterogeneous data centers with a significant portion of HP servers and storage,
it’s by far the easiest, fastest and least expensive way for HP system administrators to manage your HP servers and storage and maximize system uptime and health.

  • The key for visionary companies is choosing an inspired IT partner that truly understands how to bring visions to life - with a deep understanding of that vision, a leading edge plan to implement it, and a unwavering commitment to proactively staying ahead of the curve.