The benefits of Software Defined Networks are monumental and transformational, but there are inherent risks as well. Selecting a rock solid SDN collaboration partner is absolutely mission-critical.

      With a paradigm shift this big, don’t you want the best in the world to guide you? Bedrock Technology’s vast experience, coupled with its “Collaboration for Innovation” methodology and on-site Collaboration Live Project Management will help you design a seamless transformation to the future.

      Benefits include:

      • Rapid and dynamic deployment of cloud applications
      • Full automation of network provisioning that virtually eliminates configuration errors
      • Dramatically increased IT efficiency with services orchestration
      • Revolutionizes scalability
      • Revolutionizes security
      • Significantly lowers manpower and operations costs

      It’s perhaps the biggest paradigm shift in networking history. Thanks to Software-defined Networks, networking has finally caught up to the speed and needs of business today. SDN dramatically simplifies and amplifies networking. It eliminates and replaces manual configuration of hardware with a revolutionary, programmable central control-like center.

      In more technical terms, it decouples the system that makes decisions (match & action) about where traffic is sent (the control plane) from the underlying system that forwards traffic to the selected destination (the data plane).

      The net-net? The HP Virtual Applications Networks Framework is turnkey, end-to-end solution that will empower your business to develop a scalable, agile, secure network that dramatically streamlines and accelerates operations across data center, campus and branch networks


      To maximize SDN performance, it’s imperative that planning and implementation feature a suite of SDN technologies that span the entire network– from the hardware infrastructure to the control plane to the applications, and also from the data center to the desktop.

      HP’s approach to Software-Defined Networks is a proven method, grounded in realistic and practical steps based on classic service innovation, lifecycle approach methodology and project experience in other similar domains such as the Cloud.

      Clients can achieve the full potential of SDNs through the abstraction, programming and automation of their network. This further strengthens and is an extension of HP’s Virtual Application Networks strategy.

  • If you need a solution, that means you have a challenge. And the thing about challenges is that no two are the same. Cost, implementation, integration, environment, expectations, and so much more - all different for every project.