At the heart of every organization is information. Optimizing and protecting the data you depend on is essential to ensuring the success of your business. Our core mission is to design and implement dependable, scalable ways to store, retrieve, and manage your critical assets. Bedrock Technology Partners simplifies storage challenges by providing proven, centralized and automated data management solutions featuring the industry’s most innovative technologies and most experienced teams. When planning your data management objectives, partner with the visionary team at Bedrock to accelerate your next era of storage.


      Countless visionary companies turn to Bedrock to accelerate their next era of storage solutions. Discover storage without boundaries, limitless support, and innovative customized solutions that match your company’s infrastructure requirements and vision, while mitigating risk.  Just as important, Bedrock’s technology solutions are noted for their simplicity, affordability and reliability.  Now you can take advantage of polymorphic storage designs that deliver simplicity at any scale.


      Your storage investments are obviously critical, and it all starts with a detailed assessment of your current storage infrastructure and data. Time and again, Bedrock’s assessments have revealed improper data placement, performance bottlenecks and spot data exposures. Our tools, proprietary methodologies and experience continually save clients more than money… we save data while improving overall performance.

      Bedrock’s broad technical expertise, combined with our comprehensive services and in-house technology labs, enable us to pinpoint the right solution for any requirement.

      Bedrock offers the latest in technology and case study experience in all areas of storage, including:

      • Performance & Capacity: Count on Bedrock to meet the demands of the most intense data-driven applications.
      • Data Protection & Backup Recovery: Bedrock has extraordinary experience optimizing data protection solutions that match any high growth environment.
      • eDiscovery/Compliance: Bedrock has the knowledge and expertise to deal with the increasing criticality of litigation. We understand the nuances of communicating with both legal and technology teams to ensure that deployment complies with detailed requirements.
      • Cloud Storage: Bedrock has established a reputation for keeping its clients clearly ahead of the continually morphing cloud storage movement.
      • Storage Consolidation: Bedrock has significant case study experience identifying the right conditions for consolidation and executing highly customized high ROI solutions.
  • Collaboration is crucial - all around. We’re known for our unique level of project management and on-site enablement.