Silver Peak

Leading the Way in Data Acceleration

Silver Peak software accelerates data mobility between data centers, branch offices and the cloud, which helps your company:

  • Consolidate data centers and quickly migrate data to new locations
  • Backup and recover more data across the WAN
  • Centralize servers and storage without impacting application performance
  • Collaborate in real-time using voice, video, and virtual desktops

Silver Peak also increases visibility and control of the WAN and lowers ongoing bandwidth, making our data acceleration solution strategic to both your top and bottom lines.


A Unique Approach

By solving application performance challenges at the network level, Silver Peak delivers powerful advantages:

  • Virtual Flexibility. We provide the industry’s only Gbps virtual data acceleration appliance and the only data acceleration solution capable of supporting every major hypervisor. All of our virtual products are available for immediate download and free trial via the industry’s only data acceleration marketplace.
  • Highest capacity. Silver Peak is the only vendor with both physical and virtual appliances that easily scale from Mbps to Gbps of WAN capacity with support for hundreds of thousands of simultaneous sessions.
  • Optimization of all IP traffic. Only Silver Peak optimizes all enterprise traffic regardless of transport protocol or application version, with no risk of corrupting data or altering application behavior.