HP Moonshot
Like No Other Web Server On Earth.

  • 80% LESS SPACE
  • 77% LESS COST

IT Complexity to Simplicity: The complete lifecycle of data center solutions

Today’s amazing palette of opportunity is often born from a staggering level of IT complexity. But working with a company as experienced, inspired, and innovative as Bedrock Technology will help put things in perspective and you’ll experience a feeling of security.

But Bedrock Technology’s experience and “Collaboration for Innovation” methodology can make complexity more manageable and understandable. You’ll feel much more secure and in-control embracing technology designed for today’s disruptive world.

    • The HP Integrity server portfolio’s unparalleled resiliency, availability, and security empower your enterprise business to quickly adapt to changing conditions while maintaining core business processes and customer-facing interactions.

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    • With the most advanced set of thin technologies in the industry and the first federated deduplication solution, HP Storage brings you unequaled levels of capacity utilization.

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    • Become Unified: HP Wired/Wireless Access can help unify your campus networks and improve user experience, strengthen security and make management much more manageable.

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    • Providing the tools and technology needed to keep your workers productive is extremely challenging today. Enter HP End User Workplace Solutions—a portfolio of a portfolio of solutions that focus on optimizing every aspect of the end-user environment.

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  • We implement the technology resources who are not only the absolute best, but most importantly, the best for you.