End User Devices: Workplace Solutions that Increase Workforce Productivity

According to the McKinsey Quarterly, up to 50 percent of the typical workforce relies on collaboration to make valuable contributions to the business, and organizations that make their workers more productive will “not only raise the top and bottom lines but also 
build talent-based competitive advantages that rivals 
will find hard to match.”

End User End Benefits

Providing the tools and technology needed to keep your workers productive is extremely challenging today. Enter HP End User Workplace Solutions—a portfolio of a portfolio of solutions that focus on optimizing every aspect of the end-user environment:

  1. Keep all your end-users productive and secure on all devices: desktop, mobility, wireless, imaging and printing, messaging, service desks along with their underlying infrastructure. These solutions take advantage of IT Service Management (ITSM) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), which provide a full set of best practices, proven methodologies, and repeatable processes that simplify solution deployment and integration.
  2. Empower your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers to collaborate more effectively and efficiently.
  3. Ensure that your workers can quickly and securely communicate in the office and on the road.

Bedrock Experience + HP Brilliance

Bedrock Technology’s experience brings HP’s brilliant solutions to the next level. We provide complete, totally flexible infrastructure
 that removes complexity by strategically viewing the end-user environment holistically. Just as important, all solutions are designed to meet your budget and goals today and in the future. Our suite of End-User Workplace Solutions includes:

  • Service Desk Solutions: A central hub for managing and supporting all aspects of your end-user environment.
  • Desktop Solutions: A standardized, well-managed desktop environment for your entire workforce
  • Mobility and Wireless Solutions: A flexible environment that enables your workforce to communicate, access and share information, and manage their time wherever they are working
  • Imaging and Printing Solutions: An innovative way to streamline your operation by taking advantage of the latest printing and imaging technologies, software tools, and services
  • Messaging and Collaboration Solutions: A range of solutions designed to improve communication and collaboration and increase the agility of your entire organization.

Team Bedrock will be there every step of the way—from planning to design to installation and support. Just as important, our experience enables us to provide you with a consolidated, simplified end-user environment where everything and everyone works seamlessly together… and is perfectly in sync with your business and IT goals.


The key for visionary companies is choosing an inspired IT partner that truly understands how to bring visions to life - with a deep understanding of that vision, a leading edge plan to implement it, and a unwavering commitment to proactively staying ahead of the curve.