What's Next in Networking?

The exponential rate of change in network infrastructure technology presents never-experienced-before challenges. It’s exactly why so many IT Rock stars rely on Bedrock to continually stay abreast and ahead of the accelerated new/disruptive network technology learning curve… most notably with HP

HP simplifies, integrates and automates networking so your organizations can stay focused on its core competencies.

Automate and Unify Physical and Virtual Data Center Networks: HP-VMware Networking Solution is the hailed federated software defined networking and network virtualization that provides a common infrastructure and operations model the can span your entire physical and virtual network.

The Thread of Your Organizations: HP’s FlexNetwork is the innovative thread of HP’s converged infrastructure that seamlessly connects employees, partners and customers to applications and data. It delivers incredible simplicity within the unified consistent standards based application—in your cloud/data center… to the user… in headquarters, branch or mobile.

Automate Network Operations via Virtual Application Networks: Discover the framework for HP’s groundbreaking software defined network technology. It redefines agility that will allow your business to respond in minutes instead of months.

Redefine Economics: The game changing new HP FlexFabric 5900 Switch Series 10GbE Bundle can completely redefine the economics of your data center access with local switching and higher price/performance.

Starter Kit: Introducing, the HP 5400 Switch Series 10 GbE bundle is the perfect starter kit that delivers uncompromised value while simplifying your transition to 10 GbE solutions.

BYOD. Empower Your Enterprise: One-of-a-kind HP BYOD is the unparalleled way for your enterprise to enable users to access your network/applications from their personal laptop, tablet or smartphone.

SDN ASAP:  The sooner you deploy HP’s end-to-end software defined network solution, the better off your business will be. Enable your business to create a highly scalable, agile and secure network with add oomph to your IT staff and streamline business operations.

DVPN. Simplify. Simplify: Simplify your wide area network connectivity in a Virtual Application Network with heralded HP’s Dynamic Virtual Private Network. Simply interconnect everything; your data center(s), campus(es) and branch office(s) with standards based on IPsec VPN encryption.

DCI. Extend The Benefits: Data Center Interconnect (DCI) will enable your company to dramatically expand the benefits of your private clouds that span across multiple data centers.

Become Unified: HP Wired/Wireless Access can help unify your campus networks and improve user experience, strengthen security and make management much more manageable.

Working with an inspired IT company that truly understands collaboration makes complexity manageable and empowering.