How to Successfully Launch The Revolutionary HP Moonshot.

With nearly 10 billion devices connected to the Internet —and exponential growth expected to follow— the space, power, and cost demands of traditional technology are no longer sustainable.

As planet earth’s first software defined web server, the revolutionary HP Moonshot accelerates innovation with breakthrough efficiency and performance. Hailed as the “New Style of IT”, its numbers are breathtaking: 89% Less Energy. 80% Less Space. 77% Less Cost.  97% Less Complex.

But, successfully deploying software as revolutionary as Moonshot, shouldn’t be left in the hands of just anyone.  No one can help you reduce the risk and stress of understanding, navigating and deploying the HP Moonshot, quite like Bedrock––the industry leader helping visionary companies deploy innovative new solutions.

Count to Bedrock Technology’s Collaboration for Innovation assessment process, showcase how Moonshot can catapult your business to another level.

  • Architecture that achieves 8x efficiency at scale, enabling 3X faster innovation cycle.
  • Discover the science behind Moonshot’s web servers and how they are tailored to deliver optimum performance just for you.
  • Get the details on Moonshot’s secrets to low power server share management, power, cooling, networking and storage.

Presenting More Servers with a Higher IQ: ProLiant Gen8 and HP Integrity Servers.

With more than 150 customer driven innovations, the latest generation of ProLiant servers will dramatically improve and transform the intelligence, performance and economics of your entire data center and its lifecycle.

ProLiant Gen8 servers dramatically accelerate application performance (run six times faster) and maximize server availability (deploy updates three times faster; together these innovations help eliminate common tasks and problems typically cause downtime and data loss.

HP ProLiant servers provide a comprehensive portfolio for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload.

Innovations include:

Why Over 70% of the world’s Global 100 are powered by HP Integrity servers

Need continuous business for your mission-critical environments? HP’s Integrity servers deliver exactly that. The HP Integrity server portfolio’s unparalleled resiliency, availability, and security empower your enterprise business to quickly adapt to changing conditions while maintaining core business processes and customer-facing interactions.

Making visions come true requires dedicated collaborators nimble enough to grasp a dream, and rock solid enough to make it work.