Introducing the Latest and Greatest in Storage

HP 3 PAR 7450

Simply stated, HP storage innovations—highlighted by polymorphic storage designs—deliver unequaled simplicity at any scale. HP Storage gives you instant application availability with deeper integration across the stack. Proprietary innovations deliver built in automation, virtualization and service orchestration. Extremely cost efficient, HP Storage optimizes every dollar and every disk.

Nothing is on Par with HP 3PAR StoreServe Storage.

Standing alone at the top of the industry is HP 3PAR StoresServ Storage;  the world’s number one family of super modern storage. Known as “next era storage”, 3 PAR StoreServe features single architecture that delivers primary storage platforms for midrange, Tier-1 enterprise, and optimized all-flash arrays.

Introducing the latest and greatest:

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450: Optimized all-flash array
  • IHP Storage Plus for SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization Manager: The first technology that leverages SAP landscape management automation

3PAR: Advantages Abound. Guaranteed

  • Leading the way are the Tier-1 models which range from less than 40K to multi-million dollar systems that reside in some of the world’s largest cloud data centers.
  • Autonomic: Increase storage management efficiency.
  • Efficient: Reduce capacity requirements by 50%, guaranteed.
  • Multi-Tenant: Double VM density, guaranteed.
  • Federated – Non-disruptive data mobility between systems

HP Converged Storage = Dramatically Accelerate Your ROI: Only HP Converged Storage provides a single architecture that covers your specific storage needs: from low to high with converged protocol access across block, object and file.

The Answer for Unpredictable Workloads: Only HP offers agile storage that adjusts quickly and efficiently without bottlenecks. Respond to new demands with HP innovations that include:

The Most Advanced Set of Thin Technologies: Get the most from every dollar and disk. With the most advanced set of thin technologies in the industry and the first federated duplication solution, HP Storage brings you unequaled levels of capacity utilization.

Netapp E series

NetApp E Series modular data storage systems deliver industry-leading performance, density, and energy efficiency.

The NetApp® E Series storage system leads the industry in meeting the most demanding HPC requirements. It delivers the highest combined performance, density, and energy efficiency to deliver successful outcomes for your big-data and HPC projects.

Key Features:

  • Bandwidth performance and extreme density support data-intensive solutions.
  • Modular design lets you scale efficiently for performance and capacity.
  • Field-proven architecture delivers high reliability and 99.999% uptime.
  • Reduce your footprint by more than 60% over competitive solutions.



Powerful, efficient, simple, protected ⎯ you’re on the fast track to have it all with EMC VNX unified storage. The VNX5200 is the entry level of the new VNX series featuring MCx multicore optimization. Get scalable performance for virtualized workloads.

With VNX data storage, you are ready to accelerate your business with an EMC FLASH 1st strategy. Select VNX FAST Suite plus a combination of flash, NL-SAS, and SAS drives. You’ll benefit from high performance, low latency, and a low cost per gigabyte.

Thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression reduce your storage footprint significantly. Choose VNX data protection software to match your needs, and then manage that protection efficiently through EMC Unisphere.

Key features:

  • Delivers high performance and low latency with MCx multicore optimization
  • Unifies block, file, and object multiprotocol support
  • Expands to 500 TB max raw capacity
  • Increases efficiency with block-based and file-based deduplication and compression
  • Integrates with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization
  • Works with FAST Suite to optimize performance and cost
  • Eases administration with EMC Unisphere Management Suite
  • Protects data: choose optional local, remote, and application protection solutions

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